And so Castles Made of Sand ...

Kids playing on QUADRO

In the shimmering heat, the caravan slowly wades its way through the sea of sand. Step after step, moving through the undulating dunes. In the evening it stops so that the Bedouins can set up camp. The camels refresh themselves at the watering trough. Around the campfire the people congregate, sensing the endless expanse of the desert around them. Silently they look up at the star-filled sky.

Kids setting up QUADRO

This is how the dream of many world traveler might look like. Jamila also loves the desert, but her dream is a bit different: she really wants to take her playground right into the desert. Just before her seventh birthday, she proudly says to her parents: “I want to set up my QUADRO in the desert.” No balloons, paper plates and sugary sweets for Jamila this time, no: instead, she’s asking for a castle from The Arabian Nights. In the middle of the desert.

Kids setting up QUADRO

Papa Yusuf shrugs his shoulders and loads everyone and everything into his SUV: Jamila’s siblings and friends and, of course, all parts of the QUADRO jungle gym. They drive for an hour before the vehicle finally has sand under its wheels. But it’s still not far enough. Only after the city is no longer visible Jamila calls out: “Stop! This is perfect.” The caravan stops.

Kids in the desert

The girl takes the building instructions out of her backpack, spreads it out on the sand and starts giving directions. “Amir, you are responsible for the blue pipes, Farid you for the red ones, and Latif you for the yellow ones.” Nadira is tasked with taking care of the green ones; her brother the connectors. Jamila takes on the role of building contractor admirably, walking back and forth inspecting everything. She oversees each step, tightens a screw here and there. In the meantime, Papa has made himself comfortable on the sand and is ever considering snacking from the sandwiches Mama brought – but now he has to help affix the slide.

Kids playing with QUADRO

First work then play, as the saying goes. But what if the work was already play? Then it’s time for mad fun: the kids climb up the jungle gym, whiz down the slide and do it all again. They race each other to the top, then to the bottom. They cheer each other on loudly, which is fine: there is no one far and wide who might be disturbed. Amir even builds a sled and uses it to slide down the dunes with Latif.

Kids playing on QUADRO

In the evening, the children sit on the jungle gym, happy and tuckered out, and look up at the glittering stars in the sky. Papa enjoys the silence after all the action. What a wonderful day!

Kids in front of QUADRO jungle gym

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Liana Wytte (not verified)

1 year 6 months ago

I love this for my kids. How can I order the packs with the wheels ? I’m located in Phoenix, AZ USA

Hi Liana! Thank you for your message. We have 2 extensions with wheels: MOBIL and MOBIL 4. You can find them in our Extensions category. All the best. =]